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It’s back…2201 Baker @ Jackson, read the disclosures!

[Update: 11/5/07: We’re putting this back on the top of the front page for one very simple reason, an update. Two offers were received the day it hit MLS.]

Not for the squeemish, 2201 Baker hits the market again, and our reader says, “… may be hazardous in areas. REO, banked owned, sold as-is with no seller disclosures…Is presently on UMB [Unreinforced Masonry Building] and Historically significant (exterior) lists….”

It has also gone from 15 bedrooms and $5M+ asking in 2005, to 0 (zero) bedrooms and $2,490,000 asking in 2007. It’s still 5000+ square feet, but just WHERE did those bedrooms go?


Opportunity knocking for someone, that’s for sure. Last recorded sales price, $2.2M in 2004, and it had 12 bedrooms then. Hmmm….

[Update: We’re feeling generous, surf is not good yet, so why not go ahead and spill all the beans, at least that we found.

Last sold $2,200,000 on 8/31/04

Listed for $4,400,000 on 9/18/04 (that would have been a great flip!) and expired.

Re-listed, same agent, for $5,270,000 4/21/05…didn’t sell.

Which brings us to where we are now. Fifteen less bedrooms, new agent, half the price, all the same headache, and one helluva ‘n opportunity for the right buyer.

One last thing. We’ve been inside…it’s a pit! And agree with “sleepiguy“…tear it down.]

Stump the Stammtisch: UMB take two [theFrontSteps]

2201 Baker [MLS]



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One thought on “It’s back…2201 Baker @ Jackson, read the disclosures!”

  • Sleepiguy

    November 2, 2007 at 9:18 am

    I live nearby and the place is a disaster. I think it was gutted and all the crap was hauled into the garage and has sort of burst through onto the sidewalk. Something really bad happened here and while I’m all for historical preservation, it probably should be torn down.


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