1. WOW talk about industry censorship! Removing a post from a buyer that has dealt with mortgage brokers before. A clear indication where your loyalties as a realtor fall! SHAME ON YOU.

  2. Woops. Cancel above comment this news articale had two areas for comment posting!

    [Editor’s note: Glad you noticed that. Your opinion is appreciated as is your participation. The only comments we have ever had to remove are attacks towards other readers, and usually we like to let those ride to see if you all can work it out. Sometimes it gets a bit nasty and takes down the whole mood, so we zap it. Just don’t attack each other, as it is likely none of you know each other personally, and all should be fine. Furthermore, sometimes a comment gets held in spam purgatory (out of our control) until we notice it locked in there, and we set it free. Now go tell your friends we’re here so we can get more discussing.

    p.s. If you provided your correct email, please check it and respond. ;-) ]

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