“the place was crawling with people” (1422-24 14th Ave.)

Deferring to our readers on this one. I have not seen it. Thanks “anon8mizer” for the tip.

3293501.jpgHi – Just an update on this building. I saw it on Sunday. The place was crawling with people. I thought i was back in 2004 when I was house hunting. Three types of visitors: 1) young couples/families starting out. 2) whole families thinking of buying the whole building and 3) immigrants who needed translation from their realtor. Both kitchens have been remodeled with granite tops and stainless steel appliances. The bedroom layouts are kind of awkward but still usable. Top unit kitchen has a beautiful view of St. Anne’s church. Both are in move-in condition. The only things that need to be updated are the bathrooms. I think it will easily go over asking. Offered at $1.195, my guess is it will be sold around $1.3.

1422-24 14th Ave. [MLS]

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  1. $800-1mil has been a sweet spot for a long, long time. Quite possibly one of the most competitive brackets in the city. I sold a unit here in feb 2004, and watch this building pretty closely. This building and most of the units are totally not my cup of tea, but they sell, and usually they sell quickly. I’m feeling generous…comps for 1998 Broadway. Might help your discussion.


  2. 800k-1M a sweet spot. not for me not a sweet spot for me and my husband who fit your demographic. a sweet spot for maybe one of a dozen friends of ours but that’s due to being a trustfunder. does that mean people’s dreams have to be crushed? heck no! we are on our 2nd home in sf.

  3. This place was in contract for less than a week and then now it’s off the public MLS. Did it fall through or is it a frontstep done deal?

    [Editor’s note: It’s in contract.]

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