Pardonnez moi monsieur, mais vous avez dit “+79.7%”?

We often compare trophy cities (London, Sydney, Paris, Tokyo, etc.) of the world to San Francisco, and in my humble opinion, we’re not quite trophy, but on our way. If we got rid of Chris Daly, maybe we could get there. Regardless, a reader sends us this quote and link:

“And we thought prices were expensive here! A neat flash-based map of Ile-de-France property prices (that is Paris and its suburbs). Price rises of over 100% in the past five years aren’t uncommon, it seems. Click on the circle in the middle, that’s central Paris. The colors speak for themselves.”

Ile-de-France website

C’est vrai, mon ami. C’est vrai! Ce n’est pas la meme pour San Francisco, but we could be there in a few years.

For the French challenged: “Variation sur”=variation over.

Ile-de-France Interactive webpage

2 thoughts on “Pardonnez moi monsieur, mais vous avez dit “+79.7%”?

  1. Economies of Scale – Todd Sinai, Wharton School of Business:

    Annual Appreciation 1946-2006

    1) San Francico 4.2%

    2) Los Angeles 3.7%

    3) Seattle 3.2%

    4) Boston 3.0%

    4) New York 3.0%

    National Average = 2.3%

    I would like to add that at a 4.2% annual appreciation, with 25% down you get 200% on your money in ten years, 600% in twenty years. Leverage! with 10% down, 4.2% = 42% annually, 20% down 4.2% = 21% annual return, 25% down = 16.8% annual return.10% down is going to be harding in today’s mortgage crunch but possible for A paper buyers.

    Click on my name and you will go to my blog with more statistics. (I do not know how to use HTML tags – can anyone help me?)

    [Editor’s note: Katy, I went to your blog, there are no stats that I can see. Please email the link or stats directly, and I’ll put it here for you. FYI, as a rule, I usually edit out any “go to my site” information from Realtors. The non-Realtor readers appreciate it. Thanks for commenting and being a part!]

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