Sold? (64 Pierce)…a reader asks

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First off, just wanted to say that I enjoy your blog.

I live near Duboce Park and I noticed a house at 64 Pierce with a For Sale sign on it (Listing from Hill & Co, I believe) and then gone in a few weeks. I can only guess that it sold very quickly. I stopped by the open house one Sunday. Nicely done, but not totally pimped out…on a nice block, a cul de sac leading into Duboce Park (which has pluses and minuses) with a listing price close to $2M. [$1,950,000]

First question…was wondering if it indeed sold and if you know any of the specifics. As a nearby homeowner, just wondering how “hot” (or not) the neighborhood is. [You had a 50/50 chance to guess correctly on whether it sold, but you chose wrong. Just be careful if you go to Vegas. It is withdrawn for the duration of summer, therefore did not sell…according to MLS. ]

Second question is that I noticed that it was not on MLS. I was wondering what your thoughts were about “To List” or “Not To List” on MLS. I am of the mindset that you want to expose your home to as many people as possible….even if it means a lot of “looky loos” stopping by the open house. MLS seems to reach a lot of people, so why potentially limit your pool of possible buyers? [It was listed on MLS 7/12/07 and withdrawn 8/2/07. Definitely “To List” on MLS is the best thing to do for maximum exposure. Even better is to list with one of us…obviously. ;-) ]

Thanks and keep up the good work. [Thanks for reading, writing in, and spreading the word!]


8 thoughts on “Sold? (64 Pierce)…a reader asks

  1. A follow-up question…I (the general public) did not see this listing on MLS. Are there certain listings that only agents can view?

  2. Yes, there is a listing option in the MLS called the IDX box. If checked, it only makes the property visible to other MLS subscribers and not the general public.

    This property was owner occupied, so maybe that’s why they chose that option. Who knows? I’m not too sure about 900+ a foot for SFRs in Lower Haight tho. Maybe more like 800 a foot.

  3. My understanding is that this property got multiple offers but all offers were rejected.

    Not checking the IDX box is a huge marketing error. MASSIVE mistake for any seller to request that a property not get all the exposure it can.

    Location is killer… I would not call 64 Pierce the Lower Haight – it is Duboce Triange and well worth $900 a square foot – more like $1000 to be on a cul-de-sac next to the Duboce Park and Muni train. Superior to Noe by far being more centrally located, easier access to downtown, freeways, cabs and four neighborhoods to walk too. Plus kid friendly and a great block party with a band and rock in barbecue.

  4. I know that neighborhood like the back of my hand. There exist some very bad elements in that neighborhood, still. Look at a SF homicide map sometime. The pocket of commerce in that area is Lower Haight, and people have been getting shot there over the past several years with regularity. And it can’t be called Duboce Triangle, can it? Duboce Triangle is between Duboce and Market. But I’ll say this. If it got multiple offers at 950+ a foot, then it got multiple offers at 950+ a foot!

  5. Hey KJ,

    I live in the neighborhood and the Pierce Deadend (which is what the neighbors call it) is not part of the lower Haight. Come over to my house for a cocktail and you will see a whole different world than say Haight and FIllmore.

    I am convinced we will do a deal together soon! Did you close the corbett deal?


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