Still not enough inventory out there for everyone.

This week alone we have received the following emails, literally cut/pasted:

“Do any of you have any fixers in your pockets or coming up? Open to anything with parking, yard and delivered vacant up to 1.5.”

“Does anyone have a vacant lot for sale in SF for under $1M?”

“Does anyone have any pocket listings or upcoming listings in District 4? My clients have been looking for a great single family home around the $800k (with room to negotiate) price tag. They are pre-approved and ready to put together a deal. Your help would be greatly appreciated!”

“I have a client who is looking for a 15 unit and up building in San Francisco. If you have any pocket listings or know of any potential buildings please contact me.”

Just another bit of information for you to help formulate your opinions about our market. We never, ever, ever receive any emails asking if anyone has a condo pocketlisting South of Market. San Francisco is all about the micro-markets, or as sfnewsletter says, the nano-markets.

We took the liberty of putting these requests in our Marketplace. We’ll see if we get any bites.

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