San Francisco Business Times…an un-paid plug

We’ve mentioned this in a few posts from time to time, but we’re saying it again…If you want to know what is going down with “big” real estate deals, big and new developments, office leasing, and all that sort of business, you absolutely must read the Biz Times. It is a weekly publication and can be a bit over-whelming how often it comes out, but it is loaded with information.  J.K. Dineen, Ryan Tate, and a few other writers for the editorial have that market reporting absolutely wired.

Here are some headlines from the latest issue to give you an idea:

“Height Limit could sink port plan”-referring to buildings on the Embarcadero

“Lembis pump $200M into growing housing empire”

“Investor snags Mission office building for $24M”

“Empire Group buys last of downtown airline buildings”

…and it goes on and on.

We highly recommend it as a source….second to us of course. ;-)  

San Francisco Business Times

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