Pending Home Sales report from NAR

“NAR: Pending Home Sales Down, Some Regions Up”

Lawrence Yun, NAR senior economist, says that housing activity continues to be impacted by tighter lending criteria and a lack of buyer confidence. “Some transactions are being postponed from mortgage market disruptions,” he says. “But better supervised lending will put housing in a fundamentally healthier state over the long term.”

“As consumer confidence improves, home sales will rise,” Yun says.

Don’t shoot the messenger…, but feel free to fire at NAR all you want in the comments.

“NAR: Pending Home Sales Down, Some Regions Up” []

One thought on “Pending Home Sales report from NAR

  1. I really find it a little disigenuous that Yun is referred to as the “Senior Economist” from NAR. I have no doubt that he may be an economist (and possibly a very good one), but let’s get real here – his job is to twist every piece of data to make it seem like NOW is always the best time to buy and sell. He’s a PR spin-meister, plain and simple.

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