Sometimes it sucks to be a company like Zillow that built the technology to accurately (up for debate) value more than 70,000,000 homes (without ever going in them), but damnit if that email send button isn’t a bitch to figure out.


We might add…this was a mass email, not a personal email.

One thought on “Zoops!

  1. What was so offending that they had to apologize?

    [Editor’s note: This was the only other email I received, and I never claimed my home, so maybe this is it? Either way, not good to be spamming a few million people.

    Hello ,

    Since you claimed your home at , you might like to know you’re part of the DISC neighborhood on Zillow. This is a brand-new feature — literally, we just rolled it out — and we would like to ask your help in getting it started.

    By taking part in your Neighborhood Page on Zillow, you can help make Zillow a useful resource for other people like you.

    Visit your DEMO Neighborhood Page now!

    See you in the neighborhood,

    Andy Wand

    Community Product Team Lead]

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