This sent in by a reader, Aunt Mary [edited by us, with pictures and MLS links]:

56 Forest View Drive:

I just found out that my neighbors up the street were able to sell

their home after only 2, maybe 3, weeks on the market.


Our neighbors were a lovely couple who, while living in the house, remodelled their home over the last 2 1/2 years with the intention of staying put (not flipping the property). But an out-of-state job offer was too good to pass up so they decided to sell. If I had the money I would’ve made an offer. The house was lovely. 90% of the furniture and accent pieces actually belonged to the owners (so no full on staging was done). I think it sold for $1.21M [yes it did.]

43 Forest View Drive:

Right across the street from #56 is this property. It was flipped and the quality and workmanship was lacking (even by flipping standards) [agreed, and purchased in Nov, 2006 for $805,000].


I think this home went on the market in February [yes, for $988,000]. The

bathrooms and kitchen were not quite done at the first open house and the old washer and dryer (from the 1970’s I think) were still there (no new machines included). The “bedroom” downstairs, although done with permits, could hardly fit much more than a full sized bed. I don’t know if #43 has sold [nope…expired in June at $975,000], but the “For Sale” sign on the (now brown grass) lawn is gone and there’s no evidence of new owners yet. Both homes had an asking price of just under $1M. [#43 was $988,000, #56 was $998,000.] (Although #43 increased and then lowered the price a couple times and switched agents once too) [we won’t even get into that].

If the MLS photos are still there, you could see why the former sold so quickly and the latter home sat as long as it has. Seems like a perfect example of doing everything right versus everything wrong for a successful sale. [We would agree…anyone else?]

56 Forest View Drive [mls]

43 Forest View Drive [mls]

A Tale of Two Districts [theFrontSteps]


  1. Pls discuss whether $1.21 mil is good value for the buyer of 56 Forest. Not familiar with this area. How does $1.21 mil compare to comps, to historical etc. Would it have sold for more last yr, or less?

    [Editor’s note: ALL the comps going back to Jan 10, 2006 so that you can get an idea of price today vs. last year. To get an idea of the area, check out the tdsf (real estate).]

  2. funny to see this here… we bid on 56 forest view but were well below the final sale price. it was indeed a lovely (center patio) home. it also had a better floorplan than 43, remodel quality notwithstanding.

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