We Need Your Nomination For The Best Real Estate Blog

survivor-brawl-thumb1We love checkin us out some sexy Realtor, but we’d love more for your nomination for best real estate blog in the Nationwide Real Estate Blog Brawl. Come on now! What other Realtor site (that’s the catch…must be run by Realtors) gives you real estate porn…for real, data galore, answers to your burning questions, the scoop on new developments, bright shiny pictures all over the place, healthy debate, and a good laugh, oh…and t-shirts!? There is no compelling reason why you wouldn’t take just one second (okay maybe 10) of your time, head on over to the polling place and cast your vote for http://thefrontsteps.com as your favorite real estate blog in all the land.

You know we appreciate it, and you know we’d do the same for you.

Real Estate Blog Brawl [Nominate http://thefrontsteps.com%5D


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  1. i can think of another realtor’s real estate blog that gives real estate porn, data galore, answers to questions, the scoop on new developments, bright shiny pictures all over the place, healthy debate, and a good laugh….

    but out of respect… i won’t name it here ;-)

  2. “We got it. Thanks for your nomination, yo!”


    You’re in Alex

  3. @ tim:
    no offense taken. tFS is a go-to blog for us, we love it and read it daily (in fact, we voted for it, along with our own). i comment on several blogs because i like to participate. i don’t feel like i’m over using links (sorry you feel that way), but the only time i use them in a comment is when they are relevant to the post. also, you’ll notice that many of the links posted from our blog are posted by other commenters, not myself (like the post on socketsite regarding the rebound. we did not post those links, somebody just found the data helpful).

  4. TFS and Schtuff are both on my daily reads.

  5. booo – I don’t think Garrett over-links at all. I am a fan of Garrett and the schtuff!

  6. For those wondering what the above is about, there was a previous comment that we have deleted.

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