Property Pipeline

We know of a very beautiful, very big, very expensive home on Washington Street that will be coming on the market very soon. And no, it’s not Joseph Satriani’s. So check back. 

First Look [sfn BLOG]


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  1. 2080 Washington.
    How’s that for starting rumors?

    [Editor’s Note: Nope…keep guessing. We can say in about 3 weeks.]

  2. No!! Really? I’m really curious now!

  3. hmmm… I’ll venture a guess. Is 2150 coming back?

    [Editor’s Note: Not the one we’re talking about, but maybe. It’s killing you, isn’t it? It’s killing us not to be able to share too. Of course someone will probably leak it, and it will show up on another site, but we have interests to protect. Hint, it’s between 3400-4000 on WA, it’s a mansion, and it will be priced over $15MM, so we’re told.]

  4. Interesting! My favorite house in SF is in that section…

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