More Fun With 4065 25th Street…and a Wager?

Our post about 4065 25th is getting such good “traffic”, I thought it might be fun to place a little wager. The sale is set to close on Monday (5/21/07), and if you’ve been following, you’ll know that not many people felt the price was justified.  But we know they received 3 pre-emptive offers and that usually indicates a pretty hot property, and that the price is….well….justified.

Now….who’d like to wager? I’m saying $2,895,900.  What about you?  Just give us your price by commenting, and have fun.  There may be something in it for the reader that says the correct price.

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[DISCLAIMER: This has absolutely nothing to do with the listing agent, or any other agents associated with sfnewsletter. If you want to gripe about it, gripe to me, Alex Clark.]

10 thoughts on “More Fun With 4065 25th Street…and a Wager?

  1. Ha. I was one of he biggest naysayers so its not hard for me to believe that who ever “won” this house over-over paid for it. $2.9975(+9% over asking)

    Considering that 4061 sold for 2.95 (+9% over asking)


  2. Eddy, how do you go from $2million to $2.9975 million! that’s a 50% difference! lol

    Ok, I’ll give it a go. $3 million even, which i think is very unlikely, but heck, nobody guessed it :)

    I think the real price is $2.825 million.

  3. I’m flipping it!

    Really, I’m shocked and in disbelief at this property. I wish that I did go and see it in person so I could see what was going on with that place.

  4. If you have to step up to the plate and you know there are three other offers coming in with out it being exposed to the market,you would have to go to just over 3, like 3,000,020-3,000,050 to beat out the others and win.

  5. Definitely not over $3 million! That might break the hearts of all Doomsayers! lol


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