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Happy 4th Of July!

Happy 4th Of July!

Imagine if the British had won… I hope the fog lifts so San Francisco gets a firework display, rather than a colorful cloud show. Me, I’m outta here, seeking 90+ degree weather, high altitude, blue water, mt bike trails, and eventually my kids. Be safe. Drive safe. Drink Safe. Have a great weekend.

Friday Video: Thierry Henry Handball? (World Cup Soccer…Fo...

Nothing to do with real estate, everything to do with World Cup Soccer. Thierry Henry, handball? Clearly! For those that don’t know soccer, first of all shame on you (it’s the most popular sport in the world), but when a player touches the ball with his hands it is considered a foul, referee blows the […]

Careful! Brokers Are Sleazy…..Apparently

Whoever comes up with this sh*t?! Are you people out there REALLY having experiences like this that lead you to create videos and rants bashing Realtors on such a scale? There are sleazeballs out there for sure, but this bad? Come on! You gotta be kidding! Off for the weekend. Happy Labor Day!

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