The Grinch Who Stole Our [Reader’s] Christmas Wreath (Caught On Tape)

From our reader:


I’m looking to enlist your support in some public shaming. You can also point-out the utility of installing a video camera system during a renovation :)

This Grinch stole the Christmas wreath from the front door of my house early Friday morning. She looks like a fairly put-together person, why is she out stealing in the middle of the night? Pacific Heights of course…

The Grinch comes then goes, and returns (cloaked/disguised) at 2:07.

Poor Pacific Heights. It gets such a bad rap…Maybe we need to put a little “Chopper” in Pacific Heights.

[Update: Some questions answered…

[Update #2: From the reader when we informed him/her of the # of links coming to our site for this post, “Good stuff indeed. Channel 7 wants to run a story on it tonight. And it seems the mystery lady has a name…” Guess you’ll have to check Channel 7 (anybody got the link to a report) for the name, and apparently a friend of the owner has placed a new wreath on their door, with a lock hopefully. ;-) ]

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Friday Video: Thierry Henry Handball? (World Cup Soccer…Football For The Rest Of The World)

Nothing to do with real estate, everything to do with World Cup Soccer. Thierry Henry, handball? Clearly!

For those that don’t know soccer, first of all shame on you (it’s the most popular sport in the world), but when a player touches the ball with his hands it is considered a foul, referee blows the whistle, play is stopped, goal is reversed, other team has free kick, thus getting the ball back. The world is abuzz as to whether this was intentional, and whether the game should be replayed, because it advanced France into the World Cup (the largest sporting event in the world…yes, bigger than the silly Super Bowl).

We consider San Francisco pretty metropolitan and there are a few soccer fans here, so what do you think? Sophie, what say you?