Inside a $45,000/month San Francisco Apartment

Maximum Luxury is a Front Steps column where we sneak a peek at the most expensive home listings in San Francisco just because we can. But today we’re going to wander a bit outside of our sphere with the most expensive RENTAL listing in all of SF.

That turns out to be 765 Market St #32CD at the Four Seasons Residences, a building that every San Franciscan has walked by without noticing constantly since 2001 despite the fact that it’s still one of the most expensive residential properties in the city.

This particular resident is a three bed, four bath, 3,800-plus square foot platter of indulgence that as of now is yours for the very frugal price of $45,000/month.

Well it’s practically a steal, right?

You’ve got to love just how thick the listing lays it on as well, comparing this condo to the likes of “the Gulfstream G650 or a Perini Navi yacht,” and indeed 765 Market is very much like those things if those things were immobile and cost a fraction of their current market rate.

The question when it comes to catastrophically high-end rentals like this is who actually goes in for this sort of thing? If you can afford $45,000 every month, maybe take the plunge and just buy a home? Something tells us you won’t have trouble securing a mortgage.

But that’s the rub: 765 Market St #32CD IS for sale, asking $14.5 million, after a $16.5 million bid expired two years ago.

Naturally, these very, very, very high-end condos take a long time to find a buyer (this one has been on the market for more than 170 days) so it’s not unusual for sellers to offer the place as a rental in the meantime.

As for who actually rents these places, sometimes they’re very short-term set-ups for out-of-towners here for work or vacation with money to burn.

Other times you’ll also get a prospective buyer unsure whether they’re staying in SF, so you hope if they try the place out for a month or two then by the time they’re ready to settle down somewhere permanent they’ll already like it.

And then of course sometimes it’s just plain wishful thinking. But hey, we can all relate.

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