Pac Heights Mansion Sans Open Floor Plan Wants $10.5M

[Editor’s note: We have removed all photos of the interior, per request. Rest assured, it’s a lovely home.]

They don’t make them like they used to, but sometimes you can still see the difference when an old home comes to market again in, well, let’s call it an unusually preserved state.

To be clear, the mammoth house at 2815 Pacific Avenue in Pac Heights has indeed been remodeled over the years since its original construction in 1926; however, the last time anyone took out significant permits on this property was in 1998, when a previous owner demolished a few interior walls to redo the bathroom and kitchen.

Since then there have been occasional touch-ups, such as a recent reroofing, but you’ll notice that this place has not yet been refashioned into a more modern open floorplan, in the style of a great many of its neighbors.

Instead the owners retained something more like a classic Edwardian layout–not quite so labyrinthine as an old Victorian, but still favoring distinct, enclosed spaces that look quite decidedly old-fashioned in this day and age.

This five bed, six bath mansion last sold in 2016 for just under $8.3 million. Conventional logic holds that a remodel would drive its price even higher, presumably favoring more open space over the current layout, and some white interiors instead of the current warm palatte and strategic touches of wallpaper.

But of course, there are countless homes for sale like that already, whereas you don’t see nearly as many preserving these past aesthetics anymore–and that can attract the right kind of buyer too.

This property listed for about three months for the exact same price last year, dropping off the market in December “for the holidays” and then popping up again now seemingly unchanged.

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