SOLD! – Finally – It Only Took A Year +

I’m pleased to report that we have FINALLY sold this wonderfully old property on Fell Street in San Francisco’s NOPA district. If ever there were curve balls thrown at a transaction, this one had them all. There is no way I could possibly tell all the tales here, but just imagine 4 different buyers, 4 different offers, 4 different reasons why it fell out of contract, and 4,000 problems to solve along the way. In the end, hats off to Lawyer’s Title for getting us to the finish line, and a big thank you to the buyer’s agent for her patience, calm, and generally easy nature throughout this entire process.

You can find all the property details and photos by following this link.

Congratulations to the sellers, who finally get to put to rest the property that’s been in their family for 70+ years. The property they grew up watching Janis Joplin and Jimmy Hendrix play live shows right across the street.

What a deal. What a year that was. Sold for $2,750,000.

3 thoughts on “SOLD! – Finally – It Only Took A Year +

  1. did this go non contingent as is? Place looks like it has major issues but I would assume everything is in the inspection. This is going to be a lot of work but in the end it will be amazing. Hope the buyer has a good team of designers and contractors.

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