NOPA Investment Property You Can Virtually Buy Right Now

FOR SALE | 1333-1337 Hayes | NOPA Victorian | $3,500,000

Following on the heels of our plan for you sellers wanting to sell now regardless of COVID-19, we just listed an amazing Victorian 3 unit building in an ultra prime NOPA location – literally in the heart of one of San Francisco’s most popular neighborhoods.

Cranking $269,880 in Gross income, completely remodeled with very low expenses and great tenants, enjoy a net operating income of approximately $215,860. To put it another way, a 6% CAP in San Francisco.

Once this COVID-19 Nightmare is over, your tenants will never need to cook again, and they definitely won’t need a car, so secure this building now, because we’re guessing it’s going to be party time when this all blows over, and it’s going to be party time for at least 97 years.

More details at 1333-1337 Hayes can be found by following this link or typing into your web browser.

1333-1337 Hayes, NOPA 3 Unit, $3,500,000 [theFrontSteps Real Estate]

How to (Virtually) Sell Your Home During COVID-19 [theFrontSteps blog]

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