A Week In The Life…Of A San Francisco Realtor

All real estate, all the time. When you’re a top producer, that’s what you do, right? You drive a fancy car, wear fancy suits, attend fancy parties, all the time…Ornot.

Let me tell you what I really did…

This week, I was asked my advice for first time buyers, 29 Tips for First Time Homebuyers where I shared my two cents:

“Get 100% pre-approved with a trusted local mortgage/lending expert PRIOR to browsing homes online. Most of my clients find they’re either pleasantly surprised they can afford more, or a bit bummed they can’t afford what they thought.

Bottom line, they know exactly their price range and can search (online and with me) accordingly, and in our market submitting an offer without being pre-approved is a waste of time. You’ll get put at the bottom of the pile. So get pre-approved, know what you can afford, and go from there.”


I had conference call after conference call with my tech team developing the next version of The Goods, so all of you agents banging your head against the wall trying to come up with content to share with your sphere need not look any further.

Here’s a sneak peak of the next version, which will allow for customizable color palette, introduce an entirely new browsing experience, and be totally mobile friendly. Get in early, so your clients don’t get this great info from someone else.

For a stellar example of how to utilize the data/pages to your advantage, have a look how the #1 Team at Sotheby’s International (TeedHaze) uses our service to stay in front of their sphere and have relevant market data to report.

I talked to some really, really, really smart people that study something all of us think about on a daily basis (Earthquakes), and I’ll let you know their deal next week. In the meantime, have a look at some recent quake activity:

I’ve been actively marketing this amazing Dog Patch Loft, and although there are some buyers kicking the tires, it’s still available, so come visit me at 1011 23rd Street #10 this Sunday from 2-4pm. Bring a friend, no fireworks.

1011 23rd Street Kitchen
1011 23rd Street Kitchen

I got 2169 Folsom into contract, so you missed out on that one.

Box Factory Loft Modern/Open Kitchen, Living, Outdoor Space
Box Factory Loft Modern/Open Kitchen, Living, Outdoor Space

I went to the mailbox, sorted through the countless Realtor spam cards, eventually to find ALL of my hard charging San Francisco women surf friends featured in the Big Issue of Surfer Magazine:
Very, very impressive.

I compiled (actually, The Goods does it for me automagically) the top 20 Overbids, Top 20 Underbids, Newest listings, Recent Sales and Stalefish, and summarize this week’s top 10 Overbids for you here (that I actually do):

Address BR/BA/Units DOM List Price Sold Price Overbid
2614 19th Avenue 3/1.25/N/A 8 $795,000 $1,100,000 38.36%
1522 29th Avenue 3/2.00/N/A 13 $995,000 $1,340,000 34.67%
100 Pierce Street 2/1.50/ 18 $1,095,000 $1,433,000 30.87%
301 Mangels Avenue 3/2.00/N/A 13 $1,088,000 $1,420,000 30.51%
470 Staples Avenue 1/2.00/N/A 11 $699,000 $900,000 28.76%
772 16th Avenue 2/2.00/ 21 $959,000 $1,230,000 28.26%
3380 20th Street 2/1.00/101 25 $699,000 $875,000 25.18%
46 Caine Avenue 2/3.00/N/A 12 $695,000 $868,000 24.89%
439 Justin Drive 3/1.50/N/A 13 $795,000 $984,750 23.87%
1425 Lincoln Way 2/1.00/N/A 17 $799,000 $988,000 23.65%

Other than that, I fixed my 29er Mountain Bike (finally), almost chopped off the tip of my finger in the process, didn’t get any waves, fought with my kids over these stupid smartphones and how much “screen time” they should get (because Neko Atsume cats must be fed..in cyberspace), had my floors touched up (thank you Floor Pros), hosted my parents, placed 3rd in my dad’s member-guest golf tourney, and signed up 2 more off market listings available for immediate sale…if no takers they’ll be on MLS late Summer (after Labor Day).

So it’s been a busy week. How about you?

Happy 4th of July! Be safe, be smart, get wet…and don’t blow up stuff.

Get in touch if you, or anyone you know, needs to sell una casa fabulosa.

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