1. GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE: Who wouldn’t want to run with a view of one of the most iconic landmarks in the city? If you’re feeling extra adventurous run across the bridge and see the city from a new perspective!
  2. DOGS: If you’re like me, you stop to pet every dog you see! See a stray tennis ball in your path? Give it a good kick, and watch in awe as a dog barrels past you on a quest to retrieve it.
  3. COFFEE TRUCKS: Get ready for a pick-me up on your run! Look for the Philz coffee truck to order a caffeinated beverage and get on your way again.
  4. BIKES: It is okay to admit you might not be a fan of running. Don’t let that stop you! Hop on your bike and pedal your way down the bike lanes to enjoy the lush green scenery.
  5. SOCCER/FOOTBALL GAMES: Maybe sports are your forte. If so, join in on one of the pick-up soccer or football games happening on the lawn and show everyone what you’re made of!

Enjoy your day, whether you’re walking, running, biking, or playing sports! And if you get a craving for something sweet, stop by Susie Cakes for a delicious slice of cake. I mean, you did earn it after all!

[Editor’s Note: As part of my commitment to San Francisco and the greater good of all residents in this wonderful city, I have teamed up with some USF Journalism students to allow them to get their feet wet with writing/blogging/marketing on a larger scale. Written by Kianna Fernandez. Photo by USF student Rachel Insull.]

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