Yes, it’s true. You can skip making dinner tonight, and instead get on over to 156 Vicksburg for tacos, and even Margaritas. Fresh lime Margs? Not sure. But with any luck, they’ll at least be heavy on the Tequila. Go one, go all…[REMOVED] rock stars, and even buyers are all welcome to partake in a night of feasting and drinking courtesy of Paragon Real Estate.

Don’t drag your feet, and don’t be late, the window for feasting is small, 6-7pm.



  1. It’s already in contract. And that was after six days on the market for a 1840 sq foot lot. Wonder if they’ll cancel taco night.

  2. Lacked a good deal of storage and 1 of the 3 bedrooms was not really a bedroom. I would have done it better as a 2/2.5 and been more generous. But it showed well and is really well staged. Quick execution on the remodel. On the whole, nicely done.

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