Moving Boxes Move Over, ZippGo Has Entered The Room

It’s time to rethink the cardboard boxes. There is company anybody and everybody who is involved in real estate should know about (especially the countless agents emailing around our office asking if we have/know of any moving boxes that have been used, abused, and are ready for the next).

Enter ZippGo, a new concept in moving boxes. From the founder himself:

Our goal is to make the process of packing much simpler while also making it environmentally friendly. Our boxes eliminate the need to buy cardboard boxes that can only last 2-3 moves and ultimately end up in a landfill. In contrast, ZippGo boxes can be reused 500 times each and at the end of their life can be recycled into new boxes. Everyone who has used our service swears by it and says they will never use cardboard boxes again. The boxes are delivered pre-assembled, don’t need tape, are water-proof, crush proof, and tear proof. They also significantly speed up the packing process.

We’d love to see the video for unpacking, but have to say…cardboard boxes make BY FAR better forts for the children bored to tears of the entire moving process. Otherwise, you win. For sure.

ZippGo is not only a cool company/concept, but they are a San Francisco company and we like to support local businesses. If you have a new business you’d like to introduce to us, just send it our way and we’ll put it through the rinse cycle and maybe even write about it on our site. [Company Website]

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