“….And Here They Come!”

If any of you ever get that quote that we’re thinking of in the title, we’ll buy you a house. Ah…you’ll never get it…it’s a lyric from a band out of Hawaii way back named The Tantra Monsters…good, fun, ska.

Anyway, now that we got that tangent out of the way, we’re sitting here in post Labor Day market watching nervous anticipation. What’s going to happen? Is our market going to pick up steam like it always does? Are the buyers going to be out there for the increasing inventory already hitting MLS? Are we going to see multiple offers and competitive bidding wars? Or is Senor Low Ball here to stay?

Time will tell. We are already seeing an uptick in new listings hitting MLS, and in our humble opinion they ain’t all that, so if the buyers are there, that could mean good things for sellers. If the buyers aren’t there? Then we’re __________.

Check out what’s New On Market in the past 24 Hours, and we think you’ll agree…pickins are slim.

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