Ask Us: Type Of License Needed To Be A Property Manager In California?

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To folks reading this blog:
In California, do you need a real estate broker’s license in order to be property manager? Or just a real estate agent’s license? Or no license needed?


As far as we know, and you’ll want to consult, if you plan on having your own office and essentially starting a new business you will need a Broker’s license. If you plan on “hanging” your license at a Brokerage and working for a company that already exists and that company has a Broker’s license already, you will only need an Agent’s license. You definitely need one or the other, so why not get both!

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7 thoughts on “Ask Us: Type Of License Needed To Be A Property Manager In California?

  1. You wrote PROPERTY MANAGER,is that what you meant? I have found nothing that says a property manager requires a license. What are you looking to do?

  2. ditto grim. I’m confused. What do you mean by property manager?

    is a local landlord with – say – 24 units in 10 buildings – a property manager?

    or do you mean offering your services to landlords to sign leases and kick tenants out on their behalf?

    1. We understood the question to mean a person that offers their services to a property owner in exchange for compensation and helps find tenants, sign leases, end leases, collect rents, etc. Not somebody that lives at a property and “manages” the property itself.

  3. I was actually just on the phone with the DRE about this very issue. If you do not handle client funds (ie: have a Trust Account), then a real estate license is not needed for property management. However, it’s a very good idea to have one, so that you’ll know all the statute.

    I hope this helps.


  4. Charlie,

    Would you bes o kind as to point me to the page or give me a contact for this? I’d like to see the specific requirement and where it is codified. If it’s too much of a hassle – no worries!


  5. Hi Grim;

    I couldn’t find it myself and that’s why I initially called the DRE.

    Good Luck,


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