San Francisco Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009 Finals…Vote Now!

[Update: This post is toast. HERE ARE THE WINNERS!!

[Update: Change of plans. We are closing the polls today (Wednesday) at 5pm POLLS ARE CLOSED. Winners will be announced tomorrow (Thursday) morning.. In addition, you can no longer see the results, but we can tell you Sean Proctor is going back and forth with Daniel Der Vartanian for the lead, and Luba Muzichenko and Diana Kaus Koll are neck and neck. Good times, good times. :-) ]

This is it! The finals. Is it going to be a San Francisco agent, or will one of the newcomer greater Bay Area agents take top honors? Time will tell. Please vote below, and tell your friends to come vote. Winners will be announced on Friday Thursday.

Women Finalists: Diana Kaus Koll of Hill & Co (San Francisco); Shannon Arterburn of Coldwell Banker (East Bay); Luba Muzichenko of Zephyr Real Estate (San Francisco)
Men Finalists: Daniel Der Vartanian of Prudential CA (San Francisco); Sean Proctor of Alain Pinel (South Bay/Peninsula); Kevin Kearney of Coldwell Banker (San Francisco)

San Francisco/Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009, Official Finals Poll (Women)(poll)


San Francisco/Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009, Official Finals Poll (Men)(polling)

Good luck!

In case you missed the first round and the 40+ beautiful faces

If you’d like to nominate somebody for next year, send nominations to [email protected].

As always, we leave the results for you to see for the first couple of days, then we’ll kill it (you know, build suspense.) Comments are also open, but we reserve the right to delete your comment at will and will not tolerate any inappropriate comments.

6 thoughts on “San Francisco Bay Area Sexiest Realtor 2009 Finals…Vote Now!

  1. I’m confused. When i voted this morning for Daniel Dervartanian, the percentage was showing 60% and Kevin showed 20%, but now a friend of mine also voted and shows a 22% for Daniel & a higher percent for Kevin. Is the voting only for today? This voting system seems to be rigged or something is definitely wrong with it. How could the vote come down from 60% to 20%. Something seems fishy!!!!

    1. czarina,

      let’s just call it a lot of people voting from all around the world at one time. The stats will change quite frequently. Probably leave votes open til Thursday. Don’t panic, it’s still a close race, and everything is working just fine. ;-)

  2. I understand that a lot of people are voting but what’s confusing is how the percentage from one person change drastically from 60% to 20%. It just doesnt make sense but alright. If you say it’s working fine then it’s working fine. Thanks.

  3. I agree with Czarina, even if a lot of people are voting why is Daniel’s percentage gowing lower & lower every time someone votes for him? It just doesn’t make sense, are they taking his votes & putting them under the other candidates?????

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