Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Finds Buyer For His Pacific Heights Monster Den

After what must seem like an eternity (we lost track of the days on market), we’re told the metal lair on top of Pacific Heights at 2505 Divisadero (originally asking $12,500,000 now just $8,995,000…it is on top of Pacific Heights and does include a sound studio and party room built for, and occupied by, Metallica for chrissakes!) has found a buyer.


Was “The Black Album” conceived in this room…their worst album if you ask us, and all down hill from there. Give us “Master of Puppets” again!


“Is that…Is that James? Is that James in the mixing room?”-Bonus points if you know which PUNK band has that quote. And no, it does not refer to James Hetfield (of Metallica).

Picture “Garage Days” and picture the parties…Metallica did party didn’t they? ;-)


Who is the lucky buyer catapulting themselves into the home of one of the largest rock bands ever? Enquiring minds want to know….

If you want to see the party room pre staging and fancy photos, this is what we snapped back in 2007 upon first taking a look at the property.

Congrats to all involved in this one, especially Kirk Hammett.

[Update: We asked our source about the price and got this (no surprise) reply: “It’s a “confidential” sale… although we all know who sold it [Nina Hatvany], just no one is saying who bought. Word on the street is that Ronnie Garfield rep’d the buyer, but I don’t know for sure.”]

2505 Divasadero [Property Website and Details]
Fly On the Wall, 2505 Divisadero hits the market [sfn BLOG]

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  1. Dear editor !
    Thank you for posting this. It´s interesting to me as artist of the plastic arts…I´d like to inspire some interested person to rearrange the house, with a wall-frieze or mosaic etc., or an exclusive exhibition with me… I´m in search for a place in S.F. close to Oyster Point Blvd./BiPar and the clinic, because I´ll participate in a studie… Is Kirk Hammett´s Villa close to the clinic? Thank you in advance for feedback. Regards, Ms.Maas

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