Arden Wood (Mostly) All Grown Up



 Way, way back, we looked at the then just starting Ardenwood luxury home project. We all speculated on price (around $2 mil, was the consensus) and rapidity with which they would sell. Many people also complained that a set of less than ten luxury homes was not the best use of the lot, given our housing scarcity, but that last complaint falls on deaf ears given that the homes are now for the most part complete.

And they’re all for sale. Still. As far as I can tell, and I beg you to set me straight (kindly though, please?) if I am incorrect, but these homes have yet to find their owners. There are seven of them, ranging at the “new” prices of $1,699,000 to $1,950,000, with two homes not yet priced. Looks then like the $2 mill estimate was not far off. (See prices, etc. at the Ardenwood website.)

Personally, that price seems steep to me. The homes are really lovely on the inside and I do love the West Portal village life, but the exteriors make me think of office buildings. They are also awfully close together and for that price, I would like the option of thinking I was all alone in the world. But what do I know? Surely someone is now dying to tell me how ignorant I am.

Bring it.

Photo, of the estate still under construction, via nativesf. Current photos abound at Ardenwood’s website, already linked above.

11 thoughts on “Arden Wood (Mostly) All Grown Up

  1. I re-read the old posts and Flougebag is going to owe me a year of free landscaping. One of the properties, I think listed at $1.8M, has been in contract for a few weeks so it should close over $1.2M.

    Flougebag where are you?

  2. great article, InsideSF!
    You bring up an good point too: is 1.2 prohibitive to the developer? Any thoughts on out of pocket expense for land and building and labor?

  3. So now the 4th one in from West Portal has a sold sign, and the 1st one has a sale pending sign. The 1st one is currently listed at $1.95M. So 2 of the 4 finished places are gone.

    Flougebag where are you?

  4. The sixth one, of seven, just sold. It went for 1.775M. Only the most expensive one, 2701, remains.

  5. And today the 7th, out of 7, is in contract.

    I’m surprised they did as well as they did, but the people saying 1.2M or so were never going to be correc.

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