The Scoop: Seven Arden Estates Have Risen from the Earth

Some time ago, I noted the construction in West Portal and asked around the Front Steps for the scoop. Those folks on the steps always know a lot, and more importantly, they like to argue. We had ideas that the construction would yield five- no, six- no, seven- no,  eight homes. They were to be made of the cheapest- no, the most luxuriant materials. They were to be a blessing to- no, a curse, on San Francisco housing.

One thing we all seemed to agree on was that a stand of less than ten single-family homes was not the way to maximize that open space in West Portal. A larger building  project, sized to maximize density, would have been a better call.
Still, the call was made; and without much of the NIMBY drama that normally plagues construction, Arden Estates are here.
Well, almost. The now live website’s photo gallery so far boasts one photo (seen above). Such dearth is logical since the homes aren’t done yet; however, the location is awesome for families, and the units back up onto a thick mass of trees that completely belie an urban setting. Plus,  their plans look pretty sweet (see below: Click to enlarge).

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And to the Front Steppers who argued over units, there are to be seven stand alone homes here. Each will have three bed rooms + a bonus room, three baths, high end finishes, attics, 2-car garages, fireplaces…. and geez, more, more, and more. Frankly, I’m getting light headed. You can see the list yourself by visiting the amenities link on the website.  
Price is, unsurprisingly, not advertised on the website. However, rumor has it these homes will run in the $2 million range.
So that’s me out of the running for one of these beauties, unless you’ve all been fooling me and there really is a Santa. If so, Santa, if you’re reading, I’ve been a very good girl.

20 thoughts on “The Scoop: Seven Arden Estates Have Risen from the Earth

  1. really? Are you serious? I can’t tell for sure because sarcasm doesn’t always carry over in the comment. If so, why? If not, why?

    I’m like Barbara Walters: If you were a tree, Sparky, what kind of a tree would you…

  2. I am totally serious. Why, because that photo could easily have been taken from my house, and not from Ardenwood. I would have liked for this to have been condos, but it’s not. So now that this is what we’re getting I want to see the $2M sales for the hood. It will raise my property value, that’s all.

  3. 2M when sharder closed at 2.3M? I dont think so…
    either on the highway to lalaland, or stalefish-it’s-so-stale-there-are-only-bones-left.

    re the photo. What was I saying about the IDIOTS who are trying to sell unfinished, unclean, unprep, unstaged properties? What’s wrong with an architect rendering instead of that @#$^%@%^ photo of a dog pop area aka the construction site garden?

    Actually, from the photo, I have one major complain. They flipped the floor plan, left, right, left etc… So 2 staircase windows are facing each other (probably fixed panes) – fine. But then, 2 bedrooms #2 are facing each other, with operatable windows. That sucks.
    Again, bad planning. Just because the code makes houses be either glued, or 6 ft apart does NOT mean that 6ft apart houses are ok to build, and desirable. Paying 2M to have my neighbor’s teenage son living in my own bedroom #2 by proxi is NOT ok.

  4. I think they look very appealing so far- obviously they aren’t done yet. 2 million though seems like a pipe dream. Sorry, sparky!

  5. …and why can’t SF developers put the laundry facilities on the floor with the bedrooms???? Is there some obscure code prohibiting this? I can understand the limitations of locating laundry in an older building, but new construction? Come on! It will be good to see some new construction in my neighborhood, though.

  6. Good lord, Sparky. Are you really under the impression that your property value is going up due to this development? If any of these properties go for more than 1.2 mill, I’ll glad take over as your free landscaper for a year. Identically designed properties tend to not only be an eyesore, but they also make for bad bedfellows as comps. Kind of like having shitty nondescript condos in your backyard. Good luck, Sparky.

  7. Okay, so I drove by and now I really need to revise my original thoughts. Santa, instead I want the 2 million cash. These houses aren’t going to be worth that much, no way.

  8. Can we see your landscaper credentials, flouchebag?

    I Googled “flouchebag” and there’s curiously no web presence for a Mr. Flouchebag’s Totally Sweet Gardening Company or the like anywhere in the Bay Area.

  9. “Good lord”, Flouchbag. You are really reading into my post something I’m not saying. If they sell for this it is good for houses that aren’t cookie cutter developer. But really, have you been to West Portal street of nearly identical developer housing (when it was done), or inner parkside-identical developer housing. So, these fit the neighborhood to a T, and are being built with good materials.
    Oh, and there is the $800K total fixer (2 weeks ago thread) that needs $600K of work to be smaller than these-which got 8 offers in a week. So, I will take you up on your $1.2M for free landscaping. Please e-mail the editor so I can get your info from him when they go over that.

    P.S. If you weren’t being suck a tool, I would actually ask for your information as I have 2 projects that need a landscaper right now.

  10. sorry,

    “,streets” not “street”
    such a tool not “suck a tool”; but I don’t dislike “suck a tool”.

  11. Auden- it’s mainly that they will be so close together. Sophie nailed it when she mentioned the windows: the residents are so close together, they’ll be able to see into each other’s lives. such congestion is not 2 million worth, in my humble opinion.

    Walk down next time you see a flick at the Empire. Actually West Portal is kind of fun… lot of good food and super random dive bars. Make a date of it. The homes are worth seeing, if only to argue about.

  12. I really hope they go for 2M each, they’ll be a ‘comp’ to my place, I’m on the same street but I have an Ocean view out my back window, not some creepy Gothic hospital thing.

  13. I live in the neighborhood and can watch these homes being built from the back of my house. The reason there are houses there instead of more dense housing (which by the way would not be appropriate for the neighborhood) is because the zoning for that portion of the Arden Wood Property is RH-1D.

    I do think that they will fetch $2 million, and I do think they will help property values in the neighborhood.

    Coincidentally, there is a dense housing project proposed for the Western third or so the Arden Wood property.

    From the comments aboe, I suspect someone is getting free landscaping.

  14. You all should check out the Neighbors of Ardenwood website where the selling off of the Ardenwood property is detailed. In fact, some neighbors have filed both a Discretionary Review request regarding the 8 homes(denied) as well as a Categorical Exemption appeal in which won only on the traffic review issue.

    It will be interesting to see what $$$ they fetch. They are enormous (3690 Sqft.)compared to the adjacent homes in the neighborhood(1300-1800 sqft.) I’m not in real estate, but I can’t see how having big 2 million dollar homes is going to make the puny neighboring homes more desirable.

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