Comment Du Jour: “Easily outbid by USF”

This quote comes from reader “Disconsolate“, on “Stories Of Despair In San Francisco Real Estate“:

I was in probate court that day to observe the overbidding on Juanita Way as preparation to overbid on a house in University Terrace. Our court date was last week. We showed up and went to our max ($100k over the original accepted offer), but we were easily outbid by USF. We didn’t stand a chance.

You are not alone, our friend. Not alone. Thanks for the comment!

2 thoughts on “Comment Du Jour: “Easily outbid by USF”

  1. So what’s going on? Is it USF trying o buy property for professors, students, staff??? Are they trying to raise the property values around the campus???? It all sounds like good news (except for those looking to buy cheap).

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