Four Bed, Two Bath Central Richmond Home, Auction Price… $625,000!

Four Sixty Three 16th Ave in the Central Richmond is a “fixer upper with 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, 3 car garage with additional sunroom, attic & huge area in garage for storage / rooms. Great potential in million dollar neighborhood!”, and it’s not just on MLS, but on the auction block for $625,000.

The house looks pretty decent from the exterior, but we all know you can’t judge a book by its cover:

Auction was supposed to have happened yesterday, and for $625,000 we have to hope it went significantly above that. If not, we’re all in trouble. We’ll let you know the outcome as soon as we know. For now, we’re left wondering if it was an Outside Lands reveler that made the highest bid.

[Update: From a reader, SFB: the winning bid was $791,000.]

463 16th Ave [MLS]

One thought on “Four Bed, Two Bath Central Richmond Home, Auction Price… $625,000!

  1. The winning bid was only $791,000 – much lower than I expected. It looks like crap inside, though. But nothing that $100,000-200,000 can’t fix.

    I’ll leave it up to you to determine if “we’re are all in trouble”.

    Meanwhile, a similar house on 17th hit the market asking $1,825,000. The sellers are trying to break even (bought in 2004 for $1,715,000). Good luck with that!

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