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It used to be you had to pick up the San Francisco Chronicle (T-minus 10,9,8,7…before they’re totally gone) in order to find out what Open Houses were there for you to take a look at on your glorious San Francisco Sundays. There is still of course Craigslist, but what a headache going through that! Alas! The San Francisco Association of Realtors is FINALLY getting into the public space of sharing valuable information (online) and trying to make it easier for you to plan your open house tours (and it even works on a Mac…amazing!)

The site has been live for a while, we may have even mentioned it at some point in the past, but now it’s worthy of a little plug… is a pretty good way to check out, and prepare your open home tours for the weekend. As long as us agents have updated our listings in MLS with accurate Open House information, you will be assured of having the most accurate list of Open Homes at your (online) fingertips. [San Francisco Association of Realtors]

[Note: Although we are members of the SFAR, there was no compensation for, or knowledge of this post…are you kidding!]

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  1. Redfin has this option. I find it much easier to use than MLS. Great mapping interface. I like to check all the price cuts and you can set it so you see all the price cuts in the last day, 3 days, etc. not sure if mls has this feature because their interface is rather clumsy.

    [Editor’s note: Agreed. Redfin is very, very good.]

  2. I just played with it, and I AM IMPRESSED!

    Things that I like:
    Area: just type anything. Like “hayes” or “noe”
    Criteria: leave empty anything. Sort By. View on Map. Clean and straightforward presentation of the listing agent

    The presentation of a single property is neat. I agree with Brian – it’s lacking the almighty DOM and price cut. But the navigation is smooth, something lacking in MLS and CleanOffer.

    LOVE IT. ((as is, it’s far from perfect, but it’s an essential step toward a better SF RE))

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