[Update: Our original tip ran in May of this year, and now as “Curbed SF” reports, it’s on the market (in MLS)…with photos.]

From a connected reader:

Designed in 1922 by Frederick Meyer (think Bill Graham Auditorium) [2950 Broadway] is a serious presence on outer Broadway’s Gold Coast and I think the only one with a pool.



…and not yet on MLS, but we’d be glad to get you in early. ;-)


Asking $39,500,000.00.

Lifeguard not on duty, and Toyotas parked out front not included.

2950 Broadway [website]


    1. Yellap,

      Hate to say it, but you’re wrong. Pool belongs to and is for 2950 Broadway, but you’re welcome to try a cannonball from Vallejo into the pool. Just YouTube it and we’ll gladly give your deserved fame a spotlight on tFS.


  1. I did a walk-through today 6/18 during the “one and only” open broker tour. Great house, amazing views, a day to actually enjoy having an outdoor pool, Arthur (McLaughlin) did a beautiful job staging….. Every one should get a look inside this amazing house!

  2. Great house. I think I might put in a bid at the end of year :)



    Rich By 30 Retire By 40

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