Oceanfront Property For San Francisco…Just Over The Bridge On Sacramento Patio

Believe it or not, San Francisco has a couple beaches that actually have a beach scene, but if you want to really feel the beachy vibe, head on over the Golden Gate Bridge to Stinson Beach. (Make sure to pack a sweater, and ignore the bone chilling water and gigantic man-eating sharks that frequent the waters.)


As it turns out, it seems there is a bit of a “discount” on property up there and the agents holding many of the listings want you to know about it:

Fellow Agents

There are some incredible homes available in STINSON BEACH and BOLINAS. From Oceanfront to “almost Oceanfront”.

As for California Oceanfront, it has been one of the best investments in the world, and one you get to enjoy while it is an investment!

True it is, and there are in fact some great homes for sale up there, one of which includes this nice little shack to stash the children (or surfboards, wetsuits, umbrella, keg, bong, and other beach paraphernalia).


For more on how you can obtain the $2,450,000 home that comes with this shack, check the website. For an even more complete list of oceanfront property that could very well send you to nirvana, give us a shout and we’ll gladly show you what else is out there, and call you our friend and come visit…that is the point right? “REMEMBER: IF YOUR FRIENDS BUY BEACH HOUSES, YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!!”

4 Sacramento Patio, Stinson Beach, CA [Property Website]

5 thoughts on “Oceanfront Property For San Francisco…Just Over The Bridge On Sacramento Patio

  1. That mantra is why I rent out the beach house and live in town. I loathed people “just stopping by”, with their lout of a B.I.L. two sets of children, A six pack of Bud and A lb of frozen solid cheap chub hamburger, asking where are the tomatoes, lettuce, pickles (I don’t like pickles), you have any more beer oh never mind I found some Karl Strauss, oh sorry little Jonny backed up the toilet and the best: Can the B.I.L. and his kids stay here we don’t have any room and you do have two EXTra bedrooms? But I do love that appreciation. I miss a few good days at Swami’s, but I don’t piss off Partners anymore. Plus my 11 year old auto just turned 60k miles.

    I laughed at the “easy drive” caption;
    as a passenger never had a problem till Panoramic Hwy nearly made me hurl.

  2. Got to love the fancy flash based website with the typo in the map URL….hhttp, seriously?

  3. Feel free to highlight a beach property like this one anytime. Love these. Can you search Stinson/Bolinas on the SFARMLS?

  4. Wow. I bet. I remember having the place with the hot tub and the deck in the Mission. “Hey bro. We were just passing by. Me and these 10 people I grabbed from the bar.” This must be that times about 5, smaller, but more invasive.

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