Tenants Be Damned! Gavin Drops The Axe On Daly Et Al

Sent by way of tipster from SF Weekly:

[Gavin Newsom comes through] with his long-promised veto of a package of tenant-friendly laws that won Board of Supervisors approval last month. On Friday at around 4:50 p.m., Newsom fired up his veto pen; in order to beat the 5 p.m. deadline, we’re told that his aide actually had to break into a run to make the clerk’s office.

…Ted Gullicksen of the San Francisco Tenants Union told SF Weekly that he and other tenant advocates will push the supes to overturn the mayor’s veto — which, incidentally, is something the board has only managed to do only twice in both of Newsom’s terms. Failing that — and failing is a healthy possibility — they’ll try to get some of these measures on the ballot for a November election.

Wondering what the hell is all the fuss, here’s a recap of what Chris Insane in the Brain Daly proposed via City Insider/SFGate:

Supervisor Chris Daly plans to introduce a series of new laws that’s intended to help renters during these tough economic times — a proposal that is likely to anger landlords.
The proposals include the suspension of any rent increases that would cause a tenant’s rent to exceed one-third of their income; expansion of the rights of tenants who want to add roommates to help pay their rent; and limiting the amount of “banked” rent increases — where annual rent increases allowed under city laws are saved up and then imposed at one time — to 8 percent.
Ted Gullicksen, head of the San Francisco Tenants Union, said the package will help the large number of renters that are being laid off or having their pay cut.

Yippee Ki Yay! More future fun for property owners in San Francisco guaranteed!

It’s a good thing nothing happens quickly in San Francisco politics, because the recession will be over and tenants back to work before they reach an agreement on any of this, and maybe they’ll just forget about it.

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