We are very excited to announce that we have been purchased by a large local corporation and will cease regular publication only temporarily to build our new product. It is a great day in the land of theFrontSteps and we thank all of our loyal readers for getting us to this point. We also thank “Eddy” for his great idea on this here April Fool’s Joke!

HAH! Back to work. Cocktails!


  1. Sorry, I’m brain dead. I just realized the “large corporation” must be Lembi!!! congratulation to both parties.
    As for Lembi, exchanging a few rental buildings for this site is the smartest move they have done in years.
    As for you, I hope you handpicked a few nice addresses ( here ). Switching from Agent to Landlord will be quite a change. Will you recruit great tenants here from now on?

  2. I always wondered how blogs are valued in the private market. How many registered users? How many unique visitors per month, and how many page views per day? Blogs are valued on these metrics. For a while (in 2007) they were valued at around $30/registered active user give or take a few… so at $4mm price tag, that’s like 133k active registered users. :)

  3. Pssst…(I’m a little birdie whispering in you ear)…you are getting challenged on SS blog. The case shiller post. Waaayyy down the comments past #100. FYI in case you did not see it.

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