Forget Web 2.0, We’re In Recession 2.0 …”Come Back Often”

For the things that apply to San Francisco real estate and you, the homeowner, check this page specifically.

And since we’re at it, can we get a show of hands for how many of you San Franciscans out there are looking for help under the Making Home Affordable Plan recently enacted by President Obama?

Just curious.

2 thoughts on “Forget Web 2.0, We’re In Recession 2.0 …”Come Back Often”

  1. I had a lot of trouble trying to find out if I could be eligible under this plan. Countrywide was not very helpful. I finally found an eligibility calculator online, filled out a form with my mortgage info and found out what I could get.

    It made it a lot easier to deal with Countrywide after that.

    Eligibility calcuator was here:

  2. Recession 2.0 :P But seriously speaking, if I had mortgage troubles I’d sign up for Making Home Affordable too. I’d be scared and sick to my stomach thinking of losing my home, that I’d be willing to try almost anything to save it.

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