Dear Chronicle, Keep Your Old Union Bags, We Want The Young Guns

From “Hearst seeks changes at Chronicle”:

The Hearst Corp. today announced an effort to reverse the deepening operating losses of its San Francisco Chronicle by seeking near-term cost savings that would include “significant” cuts to both union and non-union staff.

While it may come as no surprise the world of print media is a dying breed, you might not know that theFrontSteps is, and always was, looking for new writers. So if you feel the urge to drop your San Francisco (real estate) knowledge on us all, we’d love to talk to you.

We also have another project up our sleeve, so if you are interested in writing for something new and fresh, drop us a line ([email protected]).

[Editor’s Note: To provide a little tid-bit about your editor, I got laid off from SFGate advertising sales (prior to going into real estate), because I was not union. I’ve believed since that day, the reason the Chronicle will never be as fresh and vibrant as it could be, is because anytime there are jobs to be shed, they get rid of the new talent and keep the old (those protected under the union). Unions are bad for innovation.]

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