There is no way we can share pictures, address, or any real details publicly on this blog, but you can indeed shoot us an email ( if you were previously in the market for 5 bedroom homes in Noe Valley (north of 24th street) around $2,000,000. Principals only.


  1. honest question – if it is your listing, why not advertise it? the best possible outcome for the seller is a high price the bank won’t grumble too much about, leading to a fast (for short sales) close.

    if it isn’t your listing, why mention it at all? you must have clients looking for a $2M deal who would appreciate even more discretion.

    1. Steve,

      Good honest questions. If it was my listing I’d advertise the hell out of it, and that would be part of the deal.

      Since it is not my listing, and I’ve exhausted my rolodex (iPhone) of clients interested in such a property, I’m looking for other buyers. Also, because I am in the business of receiving sometimes “private” information, I have to tread very lightly as to what I share publicly. The reason being if a Realtor shares information with me (in confidence) they share that information not knowing I run a very popular blog, but I take the liberty to police myself with what information I publish. Word spreads too fast in this little city, and I’d hate to lose a deal because somebody was angry with what I said. Frankly, it sucks, but is the way it is.

  2. thanks for the candid answer! I really appreciate what you do with thefrontsteps, and if my search were to become more SF focused and less peninsula centric, I won’t hestitate to seek our your services.

    1. Steve,

      Please do. In fact, feel free to share some peninsula insight. We get requests for other markets all the time. In fact, I may start dabbling outside of SF here soon, so if you care to give a rookie peninsula agent a shot, I’m ready to earn my stripes down there. Please don’t hesitate to refer your friends and colleagues my way….now back to regular broadcasting where I tone down the sales pitch. ;-)

      Thanks again for reading.

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