The Movers: Homes Recently In Contract In San Francisco

There has been some recent talk/discussion on this site and certainly around town and all over the blogosphere about what homes, if any, have actually received offers. We thought we’d shed some light on the matter.

Below is a jpeg of the pdf we have attached to this post for the properties that have either gone into contract or removed contingencies as of 1/1/2009. From what we can tell, there were 231 properties that met this criteria. Click the image for the full monty.
(If there are any wizards of Excel out there, we’d love to hear from you ([email protected]) as to how we can make the presentation of said data much nicer now, and in the future.)

In contract or pending as of 1/1/2009

One of our readers had made reference to searching this type of thing on the basic MLS. As far as we know, you cannot do so. However, we provide a service that allows you to do just that, and more. The only catch, you must agree to work with us in the future. Click Here if you’re interested in enhanced access to MLS listings.

P.S. Consider the source of this data, and don’t abuse the redistribution of it.

Recently into contract and/or removed contingencies as of 1/1/2009 [MLS]

One thought on “The Movers: Homes Recently In Contract In San Francisco

  1. thanks Alex.

    So what I wanted to say yesterday is easy to find on that table.
    Properties that I was NOT expecting to see move (nothing with the properties, I’m just looking at the raw digits, disconnected to the actual building or lot):
    Cole street. DOM near 200 (so WAYYYYYYYYYY before doom week). No *real* price drop. Moved!!!
    Thrift street. near-stale. no price drop. Moved!!! Same for Lane street. Same for Seminole street.

    on the high end, look at condo on montgomery. one year on market, and still, the last asking price is in line with the original asking (which was high, or it would have sold before september).

    Now I agree there is a lot of moves in D10 – but it’s the rest of the list that remains impressive by it’s variety.
    Let’s wish all those sellers and buyers a happy and smooth closing.

    (PS: no we cannot search *pending* on regular MLS, but Act.Cont. will be listed all right in the public informations. So search a district, and visually select the “Act.Cont”. )

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