It took a little while, but true to our new year’s resolutions another stage of the Tour de San Francisco (real estate) has been completed.

For all of the new readers or those that might just be passing by, le Tour, as it pertains to real estate, is a look (mostly pictures) at all the nano-markets and different little districts that make up the greater city of San Francisco. Each district is a new stage and today marks the completion of Stage 51. Only about 49 stages left to go. With any luck it will be complete before le Tour de France kicks off in July.

Tour de San Francisco (real estate) []
Stage 51, Clarendon Heights [Tour de SF]


    1. Thanks to both of you.

      Eddy, If you look back at some older stages those very stats were there. I opted not to put them there as in the future I’m hoping the tdsf is a good point of reference, in which case old stats won’t do no good! Also, I simply didn’t have time this week to get them done. Suggestion noted, and thanks.

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