Get Your Sexy Realtor Hat On

San Francisco’s Sexiest Realtor contest is coming soon. Start thinking about who you’d like to nominate (if you haven’t already) and get ready to tell a friend.

If you do already know who you’re nominating, feel free to send it in early ([email protected]), otherwise we’re hoping to get the party started next week.

Open to men and women of all Brokerages. You can nominate yourself, you can nominate a friend, you can nominate anybody that sells real estate in San Francisco.

It’s sure to be fun (if last year’s response was any indication), so stay tuned.

12 thoughts on “Get Your Sexy Realtor Hat On

  1. Wow, business must really be bad in RE for the conversation to turn to soft porn…

    And by the way TFS, this is not a buyer’s market. Good luck selling that to your clients.

  2. I didn’t realize it was a binary option. But then again I never got my education from a six week correspondence school. The market has dried up for both sellers and buyers, much like the interest in this site.

    BTW, loved your comment regarding your 6 years in the biz and how you never expected such a change could happen. Your profession is as much responsible for this mess as are bankers and RE speculators.

    Piss off…

  3. Flouche, I hate to be argumentative (haha. I actually adore it), but you comment a lot on a site you claim to have no interest in.

    Just an observation…

  4. @anna

    “Just an observation”

    I never claimed to have no interest in this site. Show me a statement where I mentioned otherwise. Hell, I love the to watch the realtor felating that goes on here. Missing important details like seems to be a prerequisite for the the RE crowd here.

  5. Funny how your characterization of the state of the market is the roughly the same as mine. Is that why the riff on my nom de plume? admiration? I’m touched.

  6. talk about missing important details: I am not a realtor and never, ever will be.

    So then, if not your own, what waning of interest are you referring to then? The traffic hasn’t dipped. The comments are plentiful. I’m confounded.

    I agree with you, incidently, that many realtors have to take some blame for what’s going on in the market. You can’t say all realtors though, because then you just look unreasonable. Look, debate is brilliant and much needed here to bring out new ideas, and perhaps a more honest way of doing business in general; personal attacks though are for cocks (and yes, I accidentally clicked your user name, so you know that last sentence has special meaning for you).

  7. Wow – sex sells? What a revelation? I think I’ll let Larry Flint post porno clips to help promote my site. Or….. how about this ad? Cum let me show you this house, and while we’re here, we can test the sellers bed for bounciness, and test the showers together when we’re done?

    Real estate and smut – there’s a combo I thought I’d never see. Hell, used car salesmen have higher morals I guess. This……and I almost don’t believe it…….this was actually a story offered up as “real estate news” by REALTOR.ORG, the Realtor side of REALTOR.COM.
    I knew it was pretty shaky before, but now…….how low can REALTORS go?
    Makes me want to vomit.

  8. These comments are the best. Yeah, cum show the house, test the bed for bouncy, showers together. It’s all good trying to be clever. But then, guess what? Sharp right turn into realtor bash territory. Whatever. There are plenty of things in the world that can make you sick to your stomach. If this is one of them, you’re not fit for much the 21st century has to offer.

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