East Bay: Mid-Mod Classic with Eyes on SF Buyers

By Home Girl (aka real-estate blogger Tracey Taylor, former Redfin Sweet Digs maven, making her first guest appearance on The Front Steps. Thank you Alex!):

It doesn’t surprise me that this 3bed/3bath, 1946 house (pictured above), which comes with the distinguished Bay Area architect Walter Ratcliff‘s moniker attached, should be listed on the San Francisco MLS as well as on its East Bay equivalent.

This is the type of home that might just tempt a city dweller to cross the pond and put urban living on the back burner for a while. Set on 36,000 sq ft of wooded land, it features a great room/kitchen that opens to a patio and hot tub and a dramatic fireplace. And, of course, spectacular views of San Francisco to assuage any homesickness for those that made the leap.

But — and there is a but — the interiors look like they need some serious attention. And the big question, and possibly the reason the house hasn’t had any takers after more than 40 days on the market, is why it hasn’t been better presented. This is a house crying out for some sleek retro staging  — as you will, I’m sure, agree when you check out the listing photos.

A rash of Walter Ratcliffs hit the Berkeley market at the tail-end of last year: 2 Somerset Place, a 1920s beauty near John Hinkel Park saw its price slashed from $3.2m to $2.6m before disappearing from the MLS, and 2957 Avalon Avenue and 22 Tanglewood Road sold for $3.1m and $2.3m respectively, near asking price and no quibbling involved. But that was then.

5 thoughts on “East Bay: Mid-Mod Classic with Eyes on SF Buyers

  1. Because we’re branching out and seeing what else it out there. Tracey is going to be sharing a little East Bay knowledge with us. We snobby SFers could stand to learn a thing or two.

  2. That’d be a big leap from urban living. Hey, from time-to-time I think about what life would be like outside of the ratrace, but going from the city to this property would require some serious stocking of the liquor cabinet. I also think the presentation borders on negligent. You got show people how they can live. Not a surprise this is sitting especially considering it needs a lot of work.

  3. the photos smell a thick layer of dust and mold.
    the photos dont present anything. the agent should have just listed the drawing.

  4. KK and Sophie: I couldn’t agree more about the poor presentation. On the other hand, I would be critical of any agent who tried to mask poor interiors by only showing a cute illustration of the exterior.

    I think this house has great potential — you do need vision, an eye for design and a hefty remodeling budget to achieve something wonderful though.

    Next time, I promise I’ll find a home so seductive you will just have to cross the Bay Bridge on open Sunday to check it out.

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