This is pretty far OT — but a new restaurant trend is coming.

The writing is on the wall. I say this having seen last night’s “No Reservations” Spain episode. It is haute nuovo Spanish cuisine and you best be sure SF is gonna see several of such restaurants in the near future. Watching that episode last night, I couldn’t help but notice that crusty ole Anthony Bourdain was absolutely enthralled with what people were doing. So it has influenced my thought here, but to be fair, I’ve been hearing this from foodies for some time now. I’m sure many of you have too.

My question is, are there any wild Spanish restaurants in the city right now? I don’t know of any. And what do you think about the food? It looks to me like I need to take a monthlong vacation to Catalan and the Basque region as soon as the dollar gains another 10% or so!

— Kenneth Kohlmyer a k a der fluj

6 thoughts on “This is pretty far OT — but a new restaurant trend is coming.

  1. To bring it back to topic — Spanish real estate is crashing pretty hard right now, according to a couple of Spaniards that are staying with me this week. There are buildings that are half built that are just left there. Now that Europe is slowing down, the dollar is gaining on the currency. I think the EU central bank’s mandate is to fight inflation, not to create jobs (unlike ours, which has both objectives), so they so far have not lowered their rates. If the EU central bank does lower rates, the dollar gain will be even faster, so you will get your 10% pretty soon.

  2. 10% ? try 40% ;) Europe/Japan are still the most expensive places for Americans to travel to, I’d much rather spend my money in SE Asia or Latin America where the $ still has some buying power.

  3. Yeah, you’re probably right. I have been jonesing for a UK trip and a Spain trip both. Latin America has certainly been the best place for our travel dollar of late. Asia too. It’s just that getting there is so expensive.

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