Millennium Tower, Topping off again (we’re talking mid-rise)

Again, we posted this on the new .org and we’re ironing out the kinks. There are soooo many more ways to get involved than this typical top down (we post, you comment) structure of the blog here. There is a forum, each member can have their own blog, you can upload photos, files, video, and do so much more. It’s intense. But if you insist on reading your tFS porn here, this is an example of what you’re missing there:

Yes, we said it…topping off, and you’re probably wondering, “What the heck (f-bombs okay too) are they talking about? Millennium Tower topped off a long time ago. Right you are, but we’re talking about the mid-rise building.

Floorplan (pdf)

There are only 53 of these units total, we’re told they’re “selling well”, and we can’t figure out why they haven’t sold out (hold your cooling market comments). These are very large, open, high ceilinged units that (in our opinion) offer something unique from the rest of the developments in town. We heart all the new devs, but there is something about these units in particular that caught our eye.

If you happen to be browsing their website, plan on ~$1000/square foot for these units (if memory serves correctly), and go for the corners, they’re sweet!

3 thoughts on “Millennium Tower, Topping off again (we’re talking mid-rise)

  1. So I held my “cooling market comments” while I was reading the post. So now I ask: if these units are so great why have they not sold out?

  2. Regina,

    Thanks for the comment. I almost missed it as I’m spending a lot of my time on and trying to build that site up.

    That’s a damn good question you pose. We didn’t say they are for everyone. They are one bedrooms after all and most people look for 2 bedrooms. However, I still think they are a very unique property and something that is being overlooked. Keep in mind, the sales office rarely discloses how many units have actually sold.

    Regardless, thanks for your comment and reading. We’d love to have you over at, so come check it out!

  3. Alex,

    please please please stop spending time building up it’s a waste of time and in the interim you are losing all your .com readers.

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