Comment du Jour: “OBAMA or mccain?”

From “Ko Olina”:

“Interesting to me that so many of the people contributing here wouldn’t want to somehow reference OBAMA…..mccain….??? Anyone think this may impact things in our future?”

Of course it will.

We should add, a vague question, gets a vague answer.

But what we really want to know…is there a reason OBAMA is in all caps and mccain all lower case in your question? Is that some Jedi mind trick?

We all know OBAMA must be (ahem!), “bigger” than mccain, but why the CAPS? Maybe Hillary could shed some light on the matter. Don’t worry Bill, she didn’t inhale. ;-)

3 thoughts on “Comment du Jour: “OBAMA or mccain?”

  1. i think obama pretty much has the nomination locked up. i feel bad for him that california was so wrong. same for new york. we just can’t get it right. he’s going to go on to win the nomination and the election and prove to all those hillary supporters she screwed up 4 years ago by not running.

    interesting theories abound on the loss here. some say the latino vote did it and that they just didn’t know the difference between hillary and bill, thinking they were voting for bill again. kinda lame!

  2. Thank you James!

    Your name is there and you take a stand and share your opinion….Will no one put thoughts to words and share relative to such an important topic…

    Politically incorrect Harden the F*** Up Video is a great laugh and to the point. We all appreciated it and yet no one here has anything to say about what James has written…Morosely funny….. I will add: HTFU and grow some balls too!

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