Walkabout: Palm Springs “Daring and Unspoiled”

We were just going to pull a few choice excerpts from this “Daring and Unspoiled” $1,095,000 listing in Palm Springs, but we just had to post it all:


“Smashing, Splendid, Brave, Daring and Unspoiled describes this masterpiece of seventies decor – Plus Offered Turnkey Furnished! Visually stunning custom velvet walls with vibrant colors of reds, pinks, fuschias and oranges.A unique and wholly functional residence in impeccable condition set up for full time living but with all the enchantment, allure and fantasy of a Moroccan palace. Bedrooms are canopied, swagged, with gold vein mirrored walls, ceiling to floor drapes creating an exotic and opulent atmosphere. The furnishings are custom in matching materials and colors,the pool is gorgeous, the grounds are impeccable, and the piece de resistence, a Pink Princess telephone in the master bedroom! Functional nostalgia makes this property a fantastic fantasy residence or a savvy investment. Perfect for photo shoots, theme parties, fund-raisers and film locations to mention a few potential uses.”

Films that come to mind?

[Update: Others are comparing it to this lovely San Francisco home.]

1240 Manzanita Ave, Palm Springs [Coldwell Banker]

7 thoughts on “Walkabout: Palm Springs “Daring and Unspoiled”

  1. I propose that all the commenters have to add their own line to the listing above. I’ll start:

    “Why pay for a room at the Madonna Inn when you can buy your very own one-of-a-kind disaster right here in sunny Palm Springs!”

  2. Looks to me like another “collector mentality gone berzerk” household. Alex, can you throw up an image of that crazy Lake st. property next to this one? Remember, the one that looked like Raggedy Ann and Andy came to life and built a castle in Sea Cliff?

  3. Looks like Bobby Trendy found a new project after he did Anna Nicole Smith’s Hollywood home…or is this a former Liberace residence?

  4. dear editor. you seemed to have misspelled something (this is coming from the worst speller–me–ever): “Daring and Unpspoiled”

    [Editor’s ntoe: Thnaks!]

  5. “Why buy and be house poor, when you can rent and collect all your favorite toys!”

    Sorry… Just woke up… and need coffee…

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