Before After and WTF on 154 15th Ave.

From a sale in January 2007 at $1,700,000, to a new listing and price of $2,400,000 in early May 2007, to a reduced price of $1,995,000 in middle May 2007, and an ultimate sales price of $2,100,000 (and your before photos) on the last day of May 2007, we find ourselves looking again at 154 15th Ave, but this time remodeled and listed at $3,298,000.






Anybody care to wager on this one? Go ahead, you’re all anonymous, bet the farm.

154 15th Ave [Redfin listing detail]

4 thoughts on “Before After and WTF on 154 15th Ave.

  1. is that the most expensive redfin listing ever?

    [Editor’s note: Again, not a Redfin listing. We’re using their listing detail pages, because they’re easier and more detailed than what we can get through MLS at the moment.]

  2. this play was in need of a major overhaul when i saw it. Does it still have the cottage with the tenant in back?

  3. For asking 3.3mm, you would think they would at least “photoshop away” all of wires hanging over the house in the first picture.

  4. ok, i checked it out today at the open house. Not to be a renovation snob, but for 3+ million dollars, they kinda did the reno on the cheap — same tile in the kitchen and master bath, ge appliances in the kitchen, no fancy closets.

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