From a sale in January 2007 at $1,700,000, to a new listing and price of $2,400,000 in early May 2007, to a reduced price of $1,995,000 in middle May 2007, and an ultimate sales price of $2,100,000 (and your before photos) on the last day of May 2007, we find ourselves looking again at 154 15th Ave, but this time remodeled and listed at $3,298,000.






Anybody care to wager on this one? Go ahead, you’re all anonymous, bet the farm.

154 15th Ave [Redfin listing detail]


  1. is that the most expensive redfin listing ever?

    [Editor’s note: Again, not a Redfin listing. We’re using their listing detail pages, because they’re easier and more detailed than what we can get through MLS at the moment.]

  2. For asking 3.3mm, you would think they would at least “photoshop away” all of wires hanging over the house in the first picture.

  3. ok, i checked it out today at the open house. Not to be a renovation snob, but for 3+ million dollars, they kinda did the reno on the cheap — same tile in the kitchen and master bath, ge appliances in the kitchen, no fancy closets.

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