Chateau Beau or is that Bleu, and is it for sale?

A reader (Sean) asks:

“I saw what looks like a cool old home in Pac Heights (Jackson & Gough) named “Chateau Beau” (or something like that) that is for sale.

What’s the story with this place? Thanks.

sean (camera phone maybe?)

Well Sean…since you’re cool with us sharing the info we already told you (touched up to add a little editorial flare of course) with everyone else, here goes:

Address is 1901 Jackson

In 2001 “the mansion” underwent an extensive renovation and became two side-by-side 3-level townhouses. The restoration brought back a lot of the original features including the marble front steps.

Back in October of 2003:

-#1 was listed for $3.4M (5 bed, 5.5 bath and 5300 square feet)

-#2 was listed for $3.2M (5 bed, 5 bath, and 5500 square feet)

We were inside the building in 2003 when it was on the market and it never sold. If you like opulent, marble, gold/brass, it is the place for you.

It is #2 that is currently for sale. Asking $3.7M. Been “on the market” about 8 months, but never in MLS. They’ve apparently received 4 offers total over the life of this “listing”, all of which were under asking, and not acceptable to the seller. They’re in contract now (no idea what price), it has been in escrow for 6 months, but we’re thinking the deal could be going sour, so if you’re interested, we can get you in (showings by appointment only). The seller of unit #2 owns the whole building and is looking just to sell this one unit at this time, and they’re apparently very stuck on the price.

Hope that helps. Let’s not forget it is on the corner of Gough, one of the busiest streets in the city, and a very steep section to boot (think accelerating Harley Davidsons, and Ferraris that never get out of first gear).

And it’s Chateau Bleu…thanks for asking.

3 thoughts on “Chateau Beau or is that Bleu, and is it for sale?

  1. I also stopped in on 1901 Jackson today for curiosity. FWIW, I actually liked 1901 a bit — lot of house for the money with marginal top floor views. A bit over priced IMO and probably ‘worth’ closer to $3.3-3.4 considering its on gough st with a steep hill — and I heard at least 2 cars ‘spin out’ on the hill — and lot’s of honking. Hmm, maybe $3.1 is more like it! Some of it’s prison like features and bad-brass fixtures could easily be fixed to really turn this into a nice home.

  2. Well this is a thrill. I am about to publish my Auto Biography which is mostly San Francisco.
    A portion of this is living in one of the home in the Chatea Bleu, one of the houses on Pacific Ave. We had our meals in this particular house. Several houses where the single person could rent a room and get breakfast and dinner.

    January 20, 2013
    The year was 1953. Later on I Managed Jackson Court on Jackson and Buchanan, a Time Share Bed and Breakfast finding out that it was part of the Chateau system. The story is fascinating and what that system was all about is San Francisco history.

    I was checking my spelling on my Auto and didn’t know the right spelling and so I decided to check it out on the Internet.
    I really mean thanks.

    Pat Cremer

  3. Wow! How did I get to this? Like Pat Cremer, I also lived at Chateau Bleu, owned by
    Papa Pierre, who was an elderly Greek gentleman. The house on the corner of Jackson and Gough
    was head quarters of the “boarding house”. That’s where we all ate, although we lived in different houses nearby.
    I met my husband to be during dinner at 1901 Jackson St. in January 1953.
    Too bad young people today cannot, or won’t, live in boarding houses. Best ever place to meet a mate.

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