A Pocket Listing on Lake Street worth posting

Not that other pocket listings aren’t worthy, but we have this in the Marketplace now, so we thought we’d let you know it is there. It is not in MLS, so feel free to pass this around.


The raw stats:

6 bedrooms

3.5 bath

3000 square feet (per seller)

Lake @ 21st.


2 car tandem parking

Back yard



Wood Floors


North Side of Street


If you’re interested contact alexclark @ gmail . com or 415-254-5351

Pictures are limited and not showing the front of the building to preserve privacy. If you’re interested, there are more photos available.

Coming soon to the Marketplace…another pocket listing on York @ 18th St. We’d call it a fixer, around $800,000.

All you Realtors reading this blog! Got pocket listings? Send them, we’ll post them.