An Update: 8 Kronquist

Originally priced at $2,295,000, 8 Kronquist came on the market with quite a bit of fan fare.

MLS 8 Kronquist

However, the market spoke…It was priced a bit high (so it seems), and was subsequently reduced to $2,180,000 (5%). Panic! A price reduction!  The market has tanked!

Hardly…it’s in contract, as of the night before Halloween.

8 Kronquist [MLS]

Nothing but Before and After (8 Kronquist) [theFrontSteps]

14 thoughts on “An Update: 8 Kronquist

  1. Kronquist is way nicer than Mullen – better workmanship, floorplan, etc…and in a much better location. That’s why Kronquist is in contract and Mullen isn’t.

  2. i was driving along bayshore yesterday and looked up courtland and at the hill of bernal along the way. i can’t believe anyone would pay 7 digits to live in that hood. scary!

  3. call me squeamish. i like not being afraid when i take my exit from the freeway or trying to get through the first few lights to get to my neighborhood.

  4. Huh. To each his own. Not only do I not find that particular stretch of Bayshore scary, rather merely industrial, with its carpet stores, tile stores, the old Clam House and Mickey D’s. But the only scary part of Bernal to me is down at the southeast base where Bernal runs into Alemany by the 280 101 cloverleaf, the flea market. Nearly every neighborhood in town has larger scale subsidized housing of some sort within its boundaries. If you were to walk Cortland these days you wouldn’t be worried. At least once you got past the 101 overpass walking west.

  5. funny…i live in bernal (on the north slope), love the neighborhood and have never walked to the parts of the neighborhood you mention. i suppose the hill is large enough that you cannot define the entire neighborhood by a single stretch. my street and surrounding streets are characterized by lots of families, with kids out playing in front of their homes all the time. “scary” is far from how i’d describe it.

  6. no it’s not. unless you are scared of fully employed and hard working folks all around you.


    seriously, you can count the homeless in our neighborhood on 1 hand. the only time you see a thug is when the t third rolls through.

    it’s quite nice.

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